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Detoured by Destiny

This is the old scenario of the person who was supposed to be on a plane and later found that the plane crashed. Heard of a person lately who was all set to spend time at a location while waiting on an appointment. The appointment was cancelled and they were frustrated that all of the time had been wasted. Later only to find out that the place that they were going to hang out at, was the place that someone was going to not live longer than 24hrs due to a sickness. That exposure could have been detrimental to the rest of their family if what she had planned on happening, happened.
It’s not always the car accident or tragedy that you avoid. Sometimes, you are in a situation for someone other than yourself. I, as I have stated in “The Painter” was working at a job when I felt that I wanted to gain sales experience and move toward a prepared plan of action. That sales experience was going to come through car sales. The first week was training sessions. In those training sessions were other prospective sales associates. One of those, I had met before. He was a past server at a restaurant in town. I reminded him of how I knew him and a connection was made. After the trainer introduced me as a pastor ( I was a youth pastor at the time that I bought my last car from him), my connection friend looked at me with questions in his eyes. At the break he began to share about his life and asked about how he should proceed. After training, he moved on to a sister dealership and within the month, I was accepted back at my former job. I always look at this detour in my life as being just for this guy.
It’s also like a series by Pastor Scott Thomas – Destiny Demanded A Delay

Before you get all bent out of shape at the next distraction in your life, take a step back and see how HIS plan may be working despite yours.

Number Your Page 1-10

Having been a teacher for 9 years, a pop quiz was a very useful tool. Having been a student for some 16 years, a test or quiz of any kind left me anxious for days. What would be on it? How long would it be? Was it an essay test/quiz? How many points are each question? Will we be able to correct it?

Of all of the tests and quizzes that I must have taken, I can say that I don’t remember what any of them were like (well maybe a few.) For all of the anxiety, it was just a blip in my life. True, some of them could have and may have changed my future but in essence, a blip. That’s kind of like all of our issues. Some are pop quizzes that are unexpected yet we should be ready for at any time. Some are tests that evaluate how well you comprehended the past lessons.

Our lifetime of 70, 80, 90 years are just a blip in the scope of our total existence. Think of God in that He has always been, He also will always be. How short of a blip our lifespan must be to Him. This little blip,yet He cares for and loves us. We are really just a blip on His radar screen and in the scope of our future in eternity. What issues am I so concerned with, have anxiety towards, really are dreading that in a few years, I won’t even remember. It could, play a part in your future, in where your eternity will be but after all of that, just a blip.

This life is just a small quiz in eternity. Are you paying attention or asking “Is this going to be on the test?” What will the results of the check up quiz be? Breathe. He gives all of the answers. James 4:14 say that are life is a vapor that appears for a short time and then vanishes. It’s almost time to graduate, when you move on, anxiety of this quiz won’t even be remembered.

Put Your Right Tent In, Put Your Right Tent Out

We have waited for a couple of months for this night. Yes, it is tent practice night. The boys and I were home, there was no homework, the rain held back and only a couple of mosquitos had their fill of our sweetness as we prepared for the Feast of Tabernacles family celebration. Friday, September 28th our whole church (those that registered) will be celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles. We will be divided into the 12 tribes of Israel and even have a mock Tabernacle that will be constructed. Every family will have a tent and will be on property from 7 pm Friday until Saturday morning. This is where tent practice is a requirement. I have previously been involved in camping only as a jr. higher. One time was with the church men of which I remember laying on a picnic table and looking at the moon and watching raccoons pilfering through the camp. The other time was in the backyard at our home in St. Louis. (I am in Tampa now) We had two man pup tents that 4 of us guys in the neighborhood (Aric-brother, Randy-neighbor, Steve-neighbor) would gather up all of the snacks possible, flashlights, radio and, I think that was all. These were both great experiences. Now we are on the spot to assemble a tent in front of who knows how many people. Thus tent practice night. It only took us 30 minutes to figure it out and have it standing tall. All of this while darkness fell, mosquitos chowed and the little neighbor boy ran in circles around the tent and would dive inside. I believe that we are ready and that all eyes will be on the excellent tent skills of the Austin’s.

The Hidden Day

I could write about the Hidden Day but is better if I just send you to the podcast from Pastor Scott Thomas, Without Walls Central – Lakeland Florida

Without Walls Central Podcast

The Painter

I know many who write and speak with such precision and purpose. That is so intimidating to me BUT one of my thoughts, experiences, actions or wonderings is meant for someone, somewhere. I believe that God has directed me to see the extraordinary in some of the most ordinary day-to-day occurences. So as it flows, I type.

One of my past jobs was working in Painting and Sandblasting. Okay, so I drove the truck and set up job sites and occasionally painted. I was given what would seem to be a very menial and boring task of scraping buckets.

First, a little background to this business. We would get 5 gallon buckets of paint in metal buckets and have to add a drying agent from a 1 gallon can. Most of the time it would be poured and boxed in to a 5 gallon plastic bucket, back to the metal, and back to the plastic. The metal cans would be discarded and the painting would be done from the lighter plastic bucket. When the painting was done, you could let the residue of the paint, dry in the plastic bucket and then peel it out in a few big pieces. Kind of like peeling skin after the sunburn and tan leave. Now back to my job of peeling the paint.

As I sat alone in the warehouse parking lot scraping at the edges to pull a nice long piece of paint out to be discarded, this came to mind.

When we are born (Happy birthday Gianna) we are like the metal can of paint. The lid is pulled off and the paint is exposed to the environment. Dirt may enter, debris from our surroundings is a constant challenge to keep from contaminating the clean white paint. As life goes on, a drying agent is poured in. Experiences mix the debris and drying agent in together. We are poured back-and-forth. The clean white paint may begin to dull with the colors of the contaminants. In some cases, after only minutes the drying or hardening agent would cause the paint to harden like a rock. The debris in your life may be hardening your life. The majority of the time the paint would be poured through a strainer to catch any debris as the clean white paint was poured in the plastic bucket. If the paint hardened in the metal bucket, the only option was to cut the bucket away from the hardened paint and discard them both. Jesus came that a new white, plastic bucket (heart) would be available to you. Life will still get to you and begin to harden but the edges will peel right off if you continually check. When the paint is used up, the rest of life’s situations can be peeled right out. Does the plastic bucket give you free reign to expose yourself to anything? I have had some plastic buckets that have had paint harden in them and could never get them completely cleaned out again. I also have had plastic buckets full of hardened paint. Restoration took care of these buckets. You turn them over and bang on the bottom, let the top open to the ground drop so that the mass of hardened paint lets go of the sides of the bucket and slides out in one big chunk. Discard the block, wipe out the bucket and you’re FREE to live, paint, create. Without a relationship with Jesus Christ, you never get a clean white bucket. Get your bucket today. Ask Him to clean you out, to restore you and begin living in Christ, painting a new picture in and of life, and create your story.

Here I Go

Well, here I go. I feel as though I am constantly trying to catch up with technology. You think you get a handle on a technology, turn your head and everyone has moved to something better. From the early days of programming on the TRS-80 to creating web pages with Adobe Pagemill and now blogging.

This is my experimental blog, the 1st post of what is sure to be many – at least until my free trial runs up in 14 days.

The name – Lessons from the Road, a book that is circulating in my head and waiting to be put to paper. This could be the beginnings of unlocking what is to be my future. For now, I continue as the person who knows a little about a lot of things. I can now add blogging to the list.