The Painter

I know many who write and speak with such precision and purpose. That is so intimidating to me BUT one of my thoughts, experiences, actions or wonderings is meant for someone, somewhere. I believe that God has directed me to see the extraordinary in some of the most ordinary day-to-day occurences. So as it flows, I type.

One of my past jobs was working in Painting and Sandblasting. Okay, so I drove the truck and set up job sites and occasionally painted. I was given what would seem to be a very menial and boring task of scraping buckets.

First, a little background to this business. We would get 5 gallon buckets of paint in metal buckets and have to add a drying agent from a 1 gallon can. Most of the time it would be poured and boxed in to a 5 gallon plastic bucket, back to the metal, and back to the plastic. The metal cans would be discarded and the painting would be done from the lighter plastic bucket. When the painting was done, you could let the residue of the paint, dry in the plastic bucket and then peel it out in a few big pieces. Kind of like peeling skin after the sunburn and tan leave. Now back to my job of peeling the paint.

As I sat alone in the warehouse parking lot scraping at the edges to pull a nice long piece of paint out to be discarded, this came to mind.

When we are born (Happy birthday Gianna) we are like the metal can of paint. The lid is pulled off and the paint is exposed to the environment. Dirt may enter, debris from our surroundings is a constant challenge to keep from contaminating the clean white paint. As life goes on, a drying agent is poured in. Experiences mix the debris and drying agent in together. We are poured back-and-forth. The clean white paint may begin to dull with the colors of the contaminants. In some cases, after only minutes the drying or hardening agent would cause the paint to harden like a rock. The debris in your life may be hardening your life. The majority of the time the paint would be poured through a strainer to catch any debris as the clean white paint was poured in the plastic bucket. If the paint hardened in the metal bucket, the only option was to cut the bucket away from the hardened paint and discard them both. Jesus came that a new white, plastic bucket (heart) would be available to you. Life will still get to you and begin to harden but the edges will peel right off if you continually check. When the paint is used up, the rest of life’s situations can be peeled right out. Does the plastic bucket give you free reign to expose yourself to anything? I have had some plastic buckets that have had paint harden in them and could never get them completely cleaned out again. I also have had plastic buckets full of hardened paint. Restoration took care of these buckets. You turn them over and bang on the bottom, let the top open to the ground drop so that the mass of hardened paint lets go of the sides of the bucket and slides out in one big chunk. Discard the block, wipe out the bucket and you’re FREE to live, paint, create. Without a relationship with Jesus Christ, you never get a clean white bucket. Get your bucket today. Ask Him to clean you out, to restore you and begin living in Christ, painting a new picture in and of life, and create your story.


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