Put Your Right Tent In, Put Your Right Tent Out

We have waited for a couple of months for this night. Yes, it is tent practice night. The boys and I were home, there was no homework, the rain held back and only a couple of mosquitos had their fill of our sweetness as we prepared for the Feast of Tabernacles family celebration. Friday, September 28th our whole church (those that registered) will be celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles. We will be divided into the 12 tribes of Israel and even have a mock Tabernacle that will be constructed. Every family will have a tent and will be on property from 7 pm Friday until Saturday morning. This is where tent practice is a requirement. I have previously been involved in camping only as a jr. higher. One time was with the church men of which I remember laying on a picnic table and looking at the moon and watching raccoons pilfering through the camp. The other time was in the backyard at our home in St. Louis. (I am in Tampa now) We had two man pup tents that 4 of us guys in the neighborhood (Aric-brother, Randy-neighbor, Steve-neighbor) would gather up all of the snacks possible, flashlights, radio and, I think that was all. These were both great experiences. Now we are on the spot to assemble a tent in front of who knows how many people. Thus tent practice night. It only took us 30 minutes to figure it out and have it standing tall. All of this while darkness fell, mosquitos chowed and the little neighbor boy ran in circles around the tent and would dive inside. I believe that we are ready and that all eyes will be on the excellent tent skills of the Austin’s.


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