Number Your Page 1-10

Having been a teacher for 9 years, a pop quiz was a very useful tool. Having been a student for some 16 years, a test or quiz of any kind left me anxious for days. What would be on it? How long would it be? Was it an essay test/quiz? How many points are each question? Will we be able to correct it?

Of all of the tests and quizzes that I must have taken, I can say that I don’t remember what any of them were like (well maybe a few.) For all of the anxiety, it was just a blip in my life. True, some of them could have and may have changed my future but in essence, a blip. That’s kind of like all of our issues. Some are pop quizzes that are unexpected yet we should be ready for at any time. Some are tests that evaluate how well you comprehended the past lessons.

Our lifetime of 70, 80, 90 years are just a blip in the scope of our total existence. Think of God in that He has always been, He also will always be. How short of a blip our lifespan must be to Him. This little blip,yet He cares for and loves us. We are really just a blip on His radar screen and in the scope of our future in eternity. What issues am I so concerned with, have anxiety towards, really are dreading that in a few years, I won’t even remember. It could, play a part in your future, in where your eternity will be but after all of that, just a blip.

This life is just a small quiz in eternity. Are you paying attention or asking “Is this going to be on the test?” What will the results of the check up quiz be? Breathe. He gives all of the answers. James 4:14 say that are life is a vapor that appears for a short time and then vanishes. It’s almost time to graduate, when you move on, anxiety of this quiz won’t even be remembered.


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