Detoured by Destiny

This is the old scenario of the person who was supposed to be on a plane and later found that the plane crashed. Heard of a person lately who was all set to spend time at a location while waiting on an appointment. The appointment was cancelled and they were frustrated that all of the time had been wasted. Later only to find out that the place that they were going to hang out at, was the place that someone was going to not live longer than 24hrs due to a sickness. That exposure could have been detrimental to the rest of their family if what she had planned on happening, happened.
It’s not always the car accident or tragedy that you avoid. Sometimes, you are in a situation for someone other than yourself. I, as I have stated in “The Painter” was working at a job when I felt that I wanted to gain sales experience and move toward a prepared plan of action. That sales experience was going to come through car sales. The first week was training sessions. In those training sessions were other prospective sales associates. One of those, I had met before. He was a past server at a restaurant in town. I reminded him of how I knew him and a connection was made. After the trainer introduced me as a pastor ( I was a youth pastor at the time that I bought my last car from him), my connection friend looked at me with questions in his eyes. At the break he began to share about his life and asked about how he should proceed. After training, he moved on to a sister dealership and within the month, I was accepted back at my former job. I always look at this detour in my life as being just for this guy.
It’s also like a series by Pastor Scott Thomas – Destiny Demanded A Delay

Before you get all bent out of shape at the next distraction in your life, take a step back and see how HIS plan may be working despite yours.


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