$4 a mile

It’s been a busy time as usual. Blogs continually run through my mind when I’m not at the house. Thought I would throw in a quick word tonight.

My drive to Lakeland from the house is 52ish miles. Gas is a continual draw on our funds but now a new expense has come in to play. I have 2 Starbucks that I choose from when I’m feeling the urge to latte up. Oh who I am I kidding – I always feel the urge. To the drive a little – no a lot, more interesting they have added a Starbucks at the little over half way point. It is a drive through. It is open 24 HOURS A DAY. To make matters wor…..better. They are building a Starbucks less than 1/4 mile from the house. A couple more construction permits and I will be paying $4 a mile to get to work. It is getting latte and I have to get my beauty sleep as we head in to the jam packed weekend. Work, Sharla hosting a booth at a fall festival, I set up for Great Gatherings (Croptoberfest), Sat. I video a cross country race at the church, Great Gatherings goes all day. Sunday is Supersunday with Tampa/Lakeland together with Pastor Scott and CeCe Winans. Whew – Done


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