When the NBC program “Heroes” came out I got to see the first 2 episodes and then life happened and I haven’t had a chance to stick with the phenomenon. I was thinking of the special abilities that these Heroes have. I suppose that they’re not all good benefits but none the less, supernatural.

I’ve always wanted to have some type of supernatural abiblity, trait, essence. What would it be like? It would be like ….maybe Peter in Acts 5 when his shadow passed over and healed. How cool would that be? The atmosphere around you being charged with His glory and oozing out and supernaturally rearranging another’s.

To walk into a place and the atmosphere change. I already picture this happening. You walk into the crowded mall and the glory that is on you affects those you even move by. People feeling better for some reason. Evil kicking and moving from around you. The outcast, the lonely, the hurting, feel and breathe in the life-changing freshness as Holy Spirit works from within reach of where you walk. Addictions broken, bad habits uninhabited – all because you went to get a new shirt.

To be a catalyst for miracles. I picture this happening. You hold hands with someone in prayer and like lightning, the power flows to those connected, traveling into each situation a bringing the dead, dying and weak bulb back to life. The bulb of life, connected back to a power source. A jump start that charges the life back in.

It could happen. It can happen. It will happen. God use me.


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