Knight in Shining Armour

I always wanted a suit of armour to stand in the corner or have in the hall like you see in castles. Most of the time, they have been shiny with that polished steel look. Of course that may only be in Scooby Doo that they look that way.

I’ve had a pity party for my spiritual armour that I wear. Somebody does something, says something and it puts a ding in the armour that I have protected and cared for. How dare they mess up the shiny suit. In truth, the armour is for battle. Why do I sit around polishing when there is something in need of taking back or gaining. It should be the case that the more dings the better. So the next time that the pity party about the shine being dulled on the old suit from an insider, consider it battle training. You’ll end up being the better for it when the real enemy comes to knock you off your horse.


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