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Just a quick note before staff meeting.
My Ode to Latte Days of Old is in the works. Started the eating routine to lose the excess lattes that I have stored up. Started Monday and have dropped 7 lbs., only 100 more – not really – 23.
There will be a day that I do order a tall non fat decaf carmel latte just to have that taste of an old friend. If the 100oz of water and 0oz of coke/pepsi continue, the latte should be welcomed treat.

That’s time, out


Thanks to God. He is the reason for all blessings. God gave the family, I am thankful for my family. God is my provider, I am thankful for my job. That is the whole picture – God.

Knock Knock

As a break off of a podcast that I recently listened to from Rob Bell, I explore further.
Sharla’s business with Creative Memories is exciting in many ways. One of the odd but exciting parts of the business is that we get boxes delivered to us on many ocassions. I enjoy the sound of a truck stopping out in front of the house, a knock on the door, a delivery of lots of boxes. We have even taken a picture of the bountiful bunch of boxes. Used to, the brown truck would stop and wait for an answer, now we get the rumble of the truck, a knock and a truck taking off.
It seems like most of us in our response to Matthew 7:8

8For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

The last part talking about knockething – how long do you have to knock? Is it knock, door opens, or is it knock, knock…..knock,knock.

When you knock on someone’s door, how long do you wait? What if you know that they are there? Do you knock, ring the bell, call their name, look in the window, call on the phone? We usually are persistant in our knocking and getting the door answered.

When it comes to knocking on God’s door, how long do you wait? Knock, oh well no answer. How long do you wait? You know He’s there, why not the persistence that we have at a friends house.

What if it is raining, snowing, cold, hot on the outside of the door? Are you more apt to leave quickly?

He said that He would answer. Stick it out. He’s on the way to the door. He’s excited to see you. Many times He gets to the door only to hear the sound of you speeding away.

Knock, Knock


My first selection from the road.
People always drive crazy, at least to me. Put some rain in the path and they go bonkers. First, there are different kinds of rain in different states. Here in Florida, it will be sun, then rain, the humid and hot. As I travel from Lakeland, more center state, to Tampa, coastline, you may start in sun, go to rain, then back to sun and then rain. All the while, you can see it coming. Traffic will be it’s normal crowd, traveling along with some slow downs, then around the next corner you witness an ominous black cloud that you are sure will produce a tornado that will sling cars like hot wheels. It doesn’t, it just hangs there. Further up the road, a few red lights begin to illuminate from various vehicles. I infer that with black cloud, traffic, red brake lights, it is about to start dripping on the windshield. Sure enough, wipers on, we’re now about to get a downpour. Traffic now decelerates as if a magnet is pulling the pack to a halt. I am for caution during the now slippery roads, fresh with oil from the pavement and debris from a steady flow of vehicles, but not to stop. At this point, when the greying of the sky blends with the pavement and your orientation is tested, you do the unexpected and put on your sunglasses. I used to have 2 pair of safety glasses that were used for on the job but became valuable as I drove. The yellow tinted ones would brighten and the blue would filter out other lighting. My sunglasses now allow me to see clearer than the average person. This could be why I feel confident to drive at a decent rate of speed. As the storm continues to dump it’s insides, someone slows and puts their caution lights to flashing. Soon there are others. They still drive, in the left lane, I might add, but slowly. Not long after that, there will be cars on the side of the road, stopped, flashers just a blinking. In a change in direction on the road or just pushing forward, the rain stops and we are now back to crazy drivers on a humid and sunny day. I wonder how long that the ones who stopped on the side of the road will sit until the storm clears their position. They could be there for hours, not likely but possible. If they would have just pushed a little farther, the sun was shining. And if they would have had their sunglasses on, they may have been able to see clearer in the midst of the storm.
Though a storm creeps upon you, put your SONglasses on so that your season in the storm will be clearer. Push on, change your path, don’t stop, you may clear the storm sooner than you think. And for goodness and my sake, get out of the left lane.