Pit Licking

It’s a good thing that today I had a Starbucks. Sharla and I have always shared deodorant. The guys stuff just ends of smelling worse than if you had body odor. Over the years, we have had a couple of different scents. Some scents, I suggest that we not use and we go back to the regular. The last round we had a coconut-sun tan lotion smelling stick. I liked it pretty well. The one we have now makes me want to lick the pits -Vanilla Chai. If it hadn’t been for the trip to the Starbucks for a iced-tall-decaf-nonfat-sugarfree carmel latte (quite different than the iced venti carmel latte of old,) I would have had to give the deodorant and try. What’s next? Probably something to hit me in the former Cold Stone ice cream flavor – Coffee Lovers.


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