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Blinded by the Light

I’ve had and have all kinds of thoughts running but haven’t seemed to find the time to write. thought I would jot one down for the time being.

The road as I drive it and used to drive at very early hours in the morning, is always the only thing lit in the middle of the night. I remember, while in college, a group of us headed to the nearby city. Normally, the drive is done on the interstate, not this time. We zipped down back roads as they snaked along side rivers of dark water lit only by the moonlight. My vehicle was probably 2nd in a line of 6. Driver number 1 cut his headlights off as we continued to drive. I followed suit as did the others behind. Now we were driving on moonlit roads.
I always have liked to look at the stars. Take a clear night in any location that lacks surrounding light and the heavens explode with patterns of twinkling light (stars twinkle, planets don’t.) As a kid we used to have a crowd sitting outside in reclining lawn chairs as we waited to see the streak of a meteor in what was to be hours of zipping lights criss crossing the back lit black palette of the night sky.
In the city (take Las Vegas for instance), your drive is a constant distraction. Lights flash and dazzle for your attention. They almost light up in a rhythmic pulse that seems to say “look at me”. The road seems to disappear to the mind and eye. The signals that are meant for direction with their red, yellow, and green fade into a sea of colors.
Not only the horizontal but the vertical.
After reading one of my books recently, I was led on another thought process. This light also blocks the heavenly light, the glory of the heavens. So many lights, so many distractions, its blinding. You can’t see the path and you can’t see the glory. What was meant to help, now hurts.
Get clear of the lights and be awed by His glory.