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My favorite TV show? Yep, LOST. If you haven’t ever watched, you should. To catch up, check out LOST in 8:15 in iTunes(free)

My state of fandom? I would say that I am a LOSTian. You know, a follower of LOST. I don’t miss an episode. I participate in some bantering on theories and “did you sees”. I would say that I am in the 3rd state of 4 in my connection with LOST.

There is level 1 – Those that don’t watch and don’t care. They follow their own programs that they try to engage you with.

There is level 2 – those that watch when they can. They may watch the season opener and finale.

Level 3 – You don’t miss an episode. You participate in discussions on what you think is going on. You may have a Tshirt as an outward show of your commitment.

Level 4 – The radical – They don’t miss an episode, they TiVo and watch it again – in slow motion while sitting on their chair upside down, looking for special signs, messages etc. They own all (up to last weeks episode) episodes on DVD or downloads. They have calendars, screensaver, Tshirts, magazines and yes, the action figures.

I really want to be a level 4 LOSTian but I just can’t find the time. I have to work, and there are those other shows that I frequent. LOST may cause you to think to hard. You might have to defend your beliefs and theories if you really commit to it and others find out.

I’m not really critical of anyones viewing patterns of my favorite show. I thought it kind of was like Christians so I went with it.

Level 1 – Don’t believe in Jesus
Level 2 – A follower of Christ on Christmas and Easter, go to church when they can if it doesn’t interfere
Level 3 – Go to church every service, read the Bible, follow the teaching of Christ.
then there is level 4, the radical (some might say) but should be the norm for a Christian. You can’t get enough. You own several translations of the Bible. You dig in the Word and look for those choice little nuggets. The Bible, like LOST is full of layers. They say that some rabbis devote their entire life to researching the meaning of Genesis 1:1. One verse – their entire life. You probably have Christian Tshirts, jewelry. You might even have the kid costume of King David from your local Christian Bookstore. Oh to stay on this level. The highest form of worship in Judaism? The study of the Torah (1st five books of the Bible). I want to worship.