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Back home from DC and another long train ride. We didn’t break down but they ran out of food just after we boarded and started on our 19 hour journey home. One of my favorite stops in DC? Ebenezers Coffee House. I had heard of the place from my online researching of different churches. National Community Church, pastored by Mark Batterson, runs this top notch establishment and I determined that we would make it one of our places to visit. We had walked all over the National Mall during the week in DC and on the day that we decided to find Ebenezers was no different. Of course one of the kids needed to use the restroom but we were close to coffee and we determined to not stop at Union Station which was 2 blocks in front of us. I had left the exact location in our hotel room and was looking for visual clues. I knew that it was up a diagonal street and about 2 blocks from Union Station. The light turned red in front us as we headed to Union Station so we turned right. I rationalized that it should be 2 blocks that way and then turn left for 2. Nope, luckily found a dog walking a guy and he directed us in the correct direction. We made it to the restroom, had great coffee, looked around and then headed to the Metro. While there I also bought the book written by Mark Batterson entitled “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day”




Washington DC – yes our first family trip away from family or disney. We decided to make it even more memorable by taking a train. Pretty decent experience except for breaking down for 2 hours at 2am in the middle of South Carolina. It was interesting watching the variety of responses from the other riders. Anyway, our first day it was cold. Wednesday turned out to be a great weather day.


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