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Hot Water

So I am coming home from a Saturday event at the church.  It was Southeaster University’s Graduation in our building.  I had my khakis and a button down shirt to run the bookstore for this long event.  I headed to the in-laws place, where Sharla, Savannah and the boys were at the club house pool and beach area.  I got out of the car, leaving my shirt and shoes, intending on changing to my beach trunks, of which Sharla was to have held for me at the pool.  I open the gate and see Sharla and Rhea at their loungers.  The boys come up from the beach, which is down some wooden steps.  Skyler is the first to come through the beach gate.  He looks like he stubbed his toe or stepped on something by the way he walked on to the pool deck.  About the time he gets to where I am standing in front of the girls, he starts to cry, sits on the pool deck and says that something bit him.  I look to the bottom, middle part of his foot just off of the arch to where he points at what looks like a blood blister.  It now begins to bleed and get on his swim trunks.  I ask for something to put on it to compress it.  Skyler says again that something bit him.  Was it a rock, a crab, a piece of glass?  He says it was soft when he stepped on it and then a prick on the bottom of the foot.  I think a STING RAY.  It wasn’t until the streaking appeared accompanied with his writhing(sp) in pain that we decided to get to a doctor.  The walk in clinic was just up the road.  I picked him up and headed to the van. Sharla got in the back with him and we took off.  I was following most traffic laws until a red light where there is no traffic decided to slow us and Skyler began to say that he couldn’t see straight anymore.  Through the red light we go.  Sharla says she’s not feeling to well now and my history with 2 other events put me on the floor (read about the string in the archives for one).  I turn right into a strip mall with a grocery store.  To get to the clinic you have to cross the grocery store doorway.  Of course, everyone walks slow at that point.  There is plenty of room still to drive through, so I glide through to the shagrin(sp) snarls, yells of some lady.  Oh GREAT, this isn’t the strip with the clinic – it is across the street – yes I have to cross in front of the same grocery.  As I swing the van around, I am headed back across the entry way where apparently the same lady is waiting for me to yell at me.  Uncharacteristically and in a deeper voice, I stick my head out the window and yell “We’re trying to get to the hospital!” to which she says something like she is too.  I go on across the road only to find that the bank lot doesn’t open up to the parking lot. After jumping the curb it on to cross the grocery store that is in this strip.  Slow walkers but no trouble here.  I pull up to the clinic door and carry Skyler in.  The receptionist immediately gets up and disappears.  So I inform them through the closed door that he was stung by a sting ray.  After a minute they come back and take us back.  They ice it, prod it and xray it.  They say to wrap it and take tylenol. Are YOU KIDDING?  He is calming but starts wailing again.  They give us a scrip for an antilbiotic and tylenol 3.  After getting home, the internet shows that the pain would have subsided quickly if the foot was placed in as warm water as he could stand.  A sting ray has a protein in the sting that will gel up and come out when exposed to the hot water.  The antibiotic was listed 3rd and considered fairly useless.  So learn the sting ray shuffle and remember – Hot water – not cold doc.

Check In

It has been awhile.  I have had things to write but no time to sit and make it happen.  Could go with the golf cart word picture, the sting ray, or a few other tidbits.  Let’s go with Sting Ray.  Move to next post.