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I Believe In You

Stars and a Rock Pillow

Was on the way in to the church this morning when the text came for me to lead staff devotion.  The first thing that runs through your head is, well, everything.  What would I say and  what style? What would I base it on? What has God been speaking to me?  What books would I like to talk about that I have been or finished reading.  With 10 minutes to go time I looked for the latest book that I read entitled "Jesus Wants to Save Christians" from Rob Bell.  It was no where to be found.  The next was a book from Mark Batterson call "Wild Goose Chase" (Look to my books on the side for links and related).  Scanning through my underlined passages, I settled on chapter 3 on the "Dictatorship of the Ordinary".  Batterson talks of the cage of routine in this chapter.  I, a former science teacher, keyed on some of the facts about the Earth and its rotation and revolution speeds.  A routine that we never think about as being a miracle.  Now that is all you need to jump start a devotion.  We do life all of the time without thinking.  Being in a routine that spins at us and propels past.  When was the last time that we stopped and looked at the stars?  Did you see in the last few weeks that Venus and Jupiter paired up near each other.  It was like the end of a sling shot as the moon would make its way from below, through and past the planets in the night sky.  Each night, as the planet revolves and rotates we a part of a dance in one part of the universe.  Moving in the perfect timing with an elegance that only a classical song could portray, the miracle of the heavens surround us.  We hardly even notice unless a catastrophic movie is made about the music stopping in the middle of the dance.  What are the small things that ooze God that we let slip by everyday.  The routine, the lights, the technology of the day, all and more just stealing those natural, built in moments for worship.  It's like Jacob in the book of Genesis.  In the midst of his family troubles he is laying down to sleep  with a rock pillow in the middle of the wilderness.  It was a fantastic night as Jacob heard from God through his dream.  It was so much that when Jacob awoke he spoke out loud "Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it."  Where is God and your daily life that you didn't even know He was there?  Start by looking in the small stuff.