Well if you don't follow by twitter or facebook, this morning started at break-neck speed.  I, the alarm keeper must have turned the volume down.  A normal day begins at 6am.  Today, 7am caused the family to move like the house was on fire.  With temps in the 40s, I gazed through blurry eyes at my selection of shirts.  Knowing time was short, I grabbed a shirt.  After being stacked in my winter pile at the top of my closet, this selected gem of a shirt was obviously wrinkled.  Sharla having to be out first still needed to get breakfast, so I skipped ironing and went on to stir up the takeawayfromhome sack (Steak n Shake reference) of eggs and strawberries.  Now on a normal day, I would run the iron over the shirt but not gonna happen on this day.  What would the common folk think if they saw me on the street with a wrinkled shirt?  Have I ever had thoughts after seeing someone else with a wrinkled shirt?  Did that person have a story of why a wrinkled shirt was being worn?  Who would look at me today with a judgmental eye but not ever know the story behind the wrinkle.  As we get older, the skin begins to show it's age with wrinkles of time.  What is the story behind the wrinkle?  You may have a wrinkle happen in, your, life, but the story has a good ending as God straightens things out with the hot steam from His iron of love, mercy, grace, forgiveness and more. Wrinkled.

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