wicked whistling loop

In a hurry getting ready this morning when I thought I would announce a traveling act.  A literal symphony of sound.  How it formed?  The kids.  Not long ago I put the connection together between Pushing Daisies(tv program)  and Wicked (the broadway musical), Kristen Chenoweth.  So I let Savannah listen to some of the music from Wicked.  Savannah is always singing something.  Used to be High School Musical, of which the boys highly appreciated.  Savannah hooked on to the song "Popular."  She now sings all of the parts – continuously.  Layton on the other hand has been whistling for the last 2-3 years continuously.  You can always locate him.  This isn't the lips together whistle but the through the teeth kind of hidden to the onlooker kind of whistle.  Reminds me of the line in Madagascar 2 "I'm such a good whistler."  He doesn't say or think that but it just reminds me.  Then there is Skyler. Skyler seems to be the loop guy.  Make any noise, sound or sample and off he goes.  Over and over the loop of that sound goes.  Most of the time he doesn't even realize it.  This morning it came to me.  Put them all 3 together and we have the next "America has Talent" with the Wicked Whistling Loop.  See ya


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  1. Savannah Said:

    i love you daddy! You have a way of describing us that makes us and everyone else laugh!

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