A Fan

– Has all of team gear to wear, in their house, on their car, as their email name

– They will take time out of their weekend to spend several hours watching their team

– Some will travel great distances (weekly) to watch their team in person

– Some will shave their head, put team colors on their face

– At times they will brave the elements from heat, rain, snow, cold

– They will stand in line to be first to buy tickets to the event

– They will arrive several hours before the event to fellowship with other fans at tail gate parties

– If they can't get to the game, they gather at houses to cheer on the team

– Even shy, quiet people will raise their hands for a touchdown, slap high-fives with others around

– A whole section of the news is to report on the teams

– Newspapers report how teams are doing and do interviews with players and coaches

– People talk about the teams at work

What if we were of Fan of Jesus?

What if we applied that to church?

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