Day 11 – Life 365


Prescribed Burn

Prescribed Burn










Passed this prescribed burn area this morning.  Fire IS destructive but can help and is necessary for change, new life, growth, preserving an ecosystem and more.  A prescribed burn will take care of dead stuff.  It will burn up the litter.  It burns up young woody vines and shrubs.  All which can choke out an ecosystem.  If left unchecked, an environment can completely change to another.  If a controlled and prescribed burn isn’t instituted, the fuel source builds and the danger of a wild fire increases.  Take note of your life.  Do you need to burn away the dead, the litter, the bad growth that will choke your life and suck the nutrients.  If you don’t do a controlled burn, a wild fire may come when you least expect it.  Usually during the dry season in your life.  Burn IT.

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