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Day 50 – Life 365

No Foolin

No Foolin

Changed the calendar for tomorrow’s April start

Day 49 – Life 365



The boys favorite barber, Duncan. Layton in chair and Skyler waiting to go next.

Day 48 – Life 365



I give credit to Sharla for Facebook going big at the church. My sis-in-law Stephanie gets the credit for Twitter. Now using Tatango for texts.

Day 47 – Life 365



This is all that my camera allowed me to keep after the card failed. We went to the Tampa Air Fest at MacDill AFB. I love the roar of those engines as they swoop over the top of you. Wish my pics would have been captured.


Pastor Mel was talking in staff about Wednesday nights where Generation Next Youth were talking about the slow fade. My mind went to this scenario –

You ever been to the beach?  I guess that is the first question.  You might get the same effect from a lake but definitely from the ocean.  You get to the beach early in the day and get a nice spot picked out.  Home base for the day is where the towels,chairs,umbrella,sand toys,lotions etc are located.  The lotions go on, the belly gets sucked in and out to the water you go with something large in tow to float on.  You get through the first set of breakers and sling your slippery lotion-covered body up on some type of blown up floating device that still has you light-headed from inflating it.  It feels so good to just  lay there with your eyes closed and soak up the sun as water spreads a mist on you like a spray wax in a car wash.

This wave action can be troubling for young and old, men and women.  You look towards home base on the beach and what used to be your hot wife is now a whole different family.  It was for only seconds that your eyes were closed and now the family has done packed up and left – or did they?  A closer look further up the beach reveals home base is now 100 yards (or meters) to the left of where it used to be.  Now comes the hard part, paddling.  Paddling against the push of the waves you make it back to where home base is in front of you again.  This time, eyes open, paddling becomes part of the laying back afloat so the natural current and wave action doesn’t take you adrift.  It takes some work but home base is in plain sight and still right there in front of you.

In life, we are out in the water.  We float with home base in sight and in front of us.  Not paying attention and thinking we don’t have to work at it, life begins to take us away from where we should be.  If you don’t keep your eyes open and work at it, you will find that you have drifted.  Home base is no longer right there in front.  You may have drifted so far, that home base is not even in sight.  That may be another reason that Jesus was a fisher of men.

So put your lotion on and pay attention in life to where you are.  It takes work but Jesus is standing at that home base and calling out like a lighthouse lamp on a dark and foggy night that your drifting too far.

-side note:

You may think that the float will always be there to keep you above water.  Possible..

..but I recall a time in a rock quarry near Lee University.  After some rock diving, I set out to float in the middle.  Laying back and soaking up the sun, I hear a KERPLUNK.  After another KERPLUNK, I look back to the cliff where “friends” of mine are hurling rocks in my direction.  About that time, a rock strikes the raft and air shoots from the gaping hole.  My float is now a sink and I am left to swim it in.

Watch for drift – and flying objects being hurled at you.

Day 46 – Life 365



Layton finally skidded so much that it sounded like a gunshot as he jumped the ramp and skidded into the road. Lucky we were so close to the house when it blew.

Day 45 – Life 365



Florida grass with it’s St. Augustine variety. Without water it quickly turns brown and the whole lawn turns to dirt. Doing good so far.

Day 44 – Life 365



With our affinity towards board games, I made this scabblesk 3D wall hanging. That’ll be 14 points.

It All Started With Sandpaper

My pastor was talking today and I then began seeing that little sidetrack.  It all started with – sandpaper.  Well, building around that, came this and I have to write before it leaves.  It may not all fit smoothly but here you go….

We have never really bought furniture for our home.  We have added a few of those, “no payments until the year 4028” pieces but not a whole room with all of it’s end tables and all.  One of the items that was in our home at one point was a little antique telephone chair thingy made of wood and a cloth padded place to sit.  It kind of resembled a bench that was rounded on one end with a cove to put the phone.  Anyway, had a dark stain and some trim work done to it.  It had been through some life but was and is in great condition.  Some of the new furniture that is out, the stain has a clear coat and shines like glass and is sooo smooth.

Have you ever thought of where the furniture started?  I’m not talking of what store or even what state.  I mean STARTED.  The point that the seed fell to the ground, embedded in the dirt, popped through the shell casing, roots attached,bursting through the ground cover,growing to be a sapling,weathering the seasons to thicken and grow tall, standing majestically waving through the breezes,holding on to the ground through the force of wind,enduring times without water in droughts,surviving during fire,tolerating the bugs, providing comfort and shelter for the life in the area.

All of this only to be cut down in it’s prime. Dragged off and put on a truck or sent down a river with others like it. The processing takes it through the stripping off of the protective bark and then cut into many different sizes and lengths.  Loaded back up, it is sent to various places where it is bought up for specific purposes.  Some are used in building homes.  There they give structure and support.  They carry the load.  All and more but never to be seen.  Drywall that is then coated with paint covers the inside, while brick, block or siding surround the outside.

Some wood though, is hand picked by a craftsman.  The craftsmen take time to look at the shape and cut of the wood, determined from the processing that it went through.  The craftsman also will look at the grain.  The grain is actually the indicator of what the wood went through.  The alternating dark and light colors representing a year’s growth and if that year had drought or fire or pest.  All indicated in the grain.  The grain is the beauty in many works.  The craftsmen will take the wood and shape it.  Balsa wood is good for bending and shaping, pine wood is soft and cuts easily,oak is a hardwood that makes good sturdy pieces.  Once the piece has been created, it will be finished, painted or left plain.

Before the piece can be finished, the surface must be prepared.  Imperfections will be sanded off with course sandpaper.  The piece will get its shape from the course sanding.  As it gets it’s final shaping, a fine sandpaper will be used to smooth the piece like silk.  The years begin to blend together creating an artistic piece in itself.  The piece is ready for a coating.  The coating will sometimes bring out the art of the grain, and others it will completely hide.  After the coating, a sealer will make it shine like glass.  If the sanding was not done and done properly, the coating will have imperfections,bumps and uneven coloration.  The coating may have to be stripped and the sanding continued.

Once finished, the piece will be bought, used, be a part of the life of someone, out exist those that saw it’s beauty, be passed on to the next generation who decide whether it is a keepsake or a relic to display, to use or pass on.

Where did you come from?  You exploded on to this scene and grew,were handled, processed,shaped,sanded,coated.  God knows where you were planted.  He knows what life challenges that you have gone through.  He saw when you were cut and processed.  He knows how life has shaped you and coated you.  Now let the master craftsman strip the coating away.  He will need to sand the imperfections with a course grit that may go deep at times.  He will work it and work up to the fine sanding, which actually more grit per square inch. What you went through will still be there as the grain is.  He will make it shine and tell a story so that you are a life that is passed on to generations.

And So It Begins

Day 43 – Life 365

Growing Sticks

Growing Sticks

I see this everyday. From the interstate is a better overview but thought a closer look would be nice. I believe this to be strawberries.

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