Lord of the Rings

So, Sharla is home from a scrapbook class one night.  She lays her jewelry on the ironing board as we talk over the day.  The next day, her ring is missing.  We looked around the ironing board, under the bed and on the floor.  The wedding ring, gone.  I, known as the sweeper can find anything and  remember not to leave anything at restaurants and hotels.  So I clear the bed, run the sweeper, look under the bed, shake clothes, but nothing to show for my efforts.  Sharla, wanting to show her love and commitment for me, buys a filler ring until a holiday comes so that I can surprise her with a new ring.  Until today, that seemed the answer.  Not sure of the time, I awoke in the middle of the night.  I found myself laying on my stomach (sorry KDB) with my hand stretched in front of me and under a regular-sized pillow dressed with a sham to match our bedding.  IN MY HAND was what felt like a ring.  Trying to focus, it was clear that it was the missing ring.  I reached over in the dark and felt for Sharla’s hand and slid the ring back to where it belonged.  I WOKE UP WITH IT IN MY HAND!  The Lord of the Ring had taken care of it.


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