Delays, Detours and Dump Trucks

6 years ago, I had no intentions of moving further south than Brandon, Florida.  It was in July that we moved to South Hillsborough.  The house was a fantastic deal for us.  We had a couple of gas stations near our neighborhood in those days.  Now, 6 years later, subdivisions, shopping, grocery stores, restaurants and schools are being or have been built.  During this time of GROWTH, there has been construction at a constant pace.  The roads are full of cars coming and going.  Our main intersection has gone through at least 4 upgrades.  The road that I have traveled for so long is now lined up to get on the interstate.  With more expansion and construction, there is no less than 15 dump trucks in the same line to the interstate.  With so many road changes there has been delays and barricades to route you around hot zones.  I was driving the other day and thought that, life is like this too.  You get used to a particular road, a familiar path when growth causes a change in our usual and familiar path.  Construction begins and causes us delays to where we were going in life.  You know where you should be but now the way is bogged down.  It is just a delay.  There will be detours, delays, and dump trucks during this time of Growth.  When it’s done, everything will flow much smoother.

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