Laundry… never finished.  Though I have cycled all of it through, washing, drying, folding and distributing, tonight will reveal another room full of clothes.  I didn’t learn how to do laundry until I was dropped off at college.  Mom gave me a list on what things to group together, temps to wash at, and a roll of quarters.  Prior to that day, I only dealt with laundry by looking for quarters, in the washer.  You could make a very small fortune by looking for that spare change left in the pockets of those balled up flat men.  Those were the days.  Now I chip in here-and-there to get it through the system.  I can cycle it pretty quickly.  Folding is okay.  Putting away is dreadful.  I still look for the spare quarter, dollar or 5.  Most of the time it is my money that I am reclaiming or losing.  There hasn’t been too many hazards from my doing the laundry.  Have turned a couple of loads pink with a stray red item.  Had gum from a child pocket decide to hitch a ride on anything tumbling by in the dryer.  Then there’s the occasional item that seems to get smaller.  If it is Sharla’s and there is a question – hang it up.  Only once has the water spilled out of the washer to seep through the floor and into a smoke detector on the level below.  Thought for sure that someone one was breaking in as this was late at night.  There it is, a look into my laundry day.  Time to put it away.


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