Just home from church where Pastor Scott Thomas’ message was, “Cracks.”  During, I took a little sidebar for this.

Be sure to take time to check your house.  Life can slip by and you won’t even notice what is going on around your house.  Here is Florida, most of the houses have block and stucco.  After some time, the stucco will crack along the block touch points and make a nice little stair-step crack on your exterior.  This besides being unsightly creates entry point for water, termites and other insects.  Anything that gets in the crack, has access to what is inside.  Some of the invaders are satisfied hanging out in the walls.  There they multiply and destroy the exterior from within the wall.  Left unchecked for a longer period and the crack will become a gap.  All sorts of creatures can now infiltrate the barrier that was to keep you safe.  Take some time and check your house for cracks.  Check that house called your life.  Do you have cracks appearing?  Fill and repair them now before the cracks leave you an empty shell.

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