Rabbit trails, as Pastor Scott Thomas calls them.  I find that my mind takes me down these rabbit trails from a main point that I have just heard, seen, felt or experienced.  I believe that God orchestrates most of these hmmm moments.  The latest came as Pastor Scott was concluding his message on “Hijacked Hearts.” He started relating about a story that he had watched about a craftsman building a boat.  At the point that the boat seamed perfect, the craftsman began rough sanding (this is where I jumped on the trail and took off while hearing the rest of the story) so as to hold the finish that was to be applied.

Now, my rabbit trails aren’t always complete pictures from beginning to end but just enough to make the hmmm.  Pastor Scott also mentioned, “grooves” (I think, like scars on your life) in this segment of the message.  Grooves came to mind.  I also thought about scrapes and holes in the walls at the house.  Neither grooves or small holes in the walls are to be there.  They occurred due to unwelcome events occurring in our life.  A door stop bends too far and the door knob puts an indention, a nail pops through the sheetrock, a misplaced foot on the stairs puts a knee into the corner, exposing the metal.  Most of these occurrences are relatively easy to fix with some spackle and paint.  Left to it’s own progression, the hole will become larger as the door continues to make contact at that point.  The nail pop will be unsightly.  The sheetrock will continue to fall away, exposing more of the metal, corner piece.  Your walls may have other life stories.  The scrape of a chair against a wall, numerous nail holes where a picture was to hang, or even the result of rage.  Left unchecked, these occurrences will be constant reminders of what took place to create it.

Driving down the road I have often noticed gouges or grooves in the blacktop covered roadway.  How did they get there?  The road was fine the day before and now you can follow a groove as it crosses one lane, to another, disappearing as it leaves the roadway.  I can only imagine what could have left such an impression on the road.  Maybe a vehicle pulling a trailer or boat hit a bump, causing the trailer to bounce from the hitch only to skid to a stop but leaving evidence of the occurrence.  Maybe a family driving  to the beach had a tire blow, leaving only a rim to guide them to the safety of the roadside but gouging into the blacktop along the way.  I have driven by many accidents that have damaged the roadway.  These grooves in the roadway, they cause an imbalance to other drivers as they attempt to navigate the roadways.  My first car was a 69 Barracuda.  It had air shocks, glass pack mufflers, and wide tires on the back.  Those wide tires on the back would hit those grooves in the roadway and cause me to drive defensively as it shifted back and forth on the road.  Grooves made by something or someone caused my travels to be more difficult.  Grooves left to their own will become larger.  Pieces of blacktop will chip away from these miniature canyons as they cut through to the bedrock and eventually turning into a pothole.  The groove needs to be repaired.  Some grooves are repaired by simply putting fresh blacktop in and packing it down (one of my many jobs that I have had.)  Other times, a repair calls for many machines, workers,aggravated drivers, and money.  The good blacktop as well as the groove, are ground away as the machine cuts the roadway down sending chunks and pieces up a conveyor and into a truck.  A particular liquid is put down on the fresh cuts to allow for new blacktop to adhere to the old surface of the past.  A new layer of blacktop is added and pressed down to form a brand new surface.

What of the people who know the whole story of the groove?  What impression has it made on their lives?  Were they set back financially?  Did the inconvenience and delay to their day linger and have a chain reaction to their week?  Does the groove represent tragedy?

What has happened in your life to leave a groove on your heart, your mind, your body, your spirit?  Do you continue to see the groove everyday?  Did it create a financial tidal wave in your life?  Does it represent tragedy in your life?  How long will you leave it in disrepair?  Has it actually become a trophy piece to why your road isn’t smooth?  Fix it!  Your groove may be what throws someone else off course as they navigate the same path where challenges came into your life.  Fix it!  How?  The only way is through Jesus.  He will fill those cracks, repair the grooves, create a brand new surface.  In some cases, a large section may need to be removed in order to properly repair the groove that winds across the many lanes of your life.  Start the repair now, before the groove gets larger and turns into a pothole, crumbling all around.


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