Traffic Report

The kids that I carpool to school in the morning love the listening material on my radio.  I bounce between 3 stations so I can hear the traffic report for my 1 hour drive to come.  I listen intently and visualize where each incident is located.  Will it delay my finely timed drive?  Should I plan to travel an alternate route?  Many times I have taken another route and bypassed the headache of being stopped in traffic.  I heard the warning and took action.

I sometimes turn the radio completely off.  The silence is refreshing.  Taking the journey as it lays out just ahead of me until the glow of little red lights begin lighting up on the backs of vehicles ahead.  There we sit and poke along, awaiting our chance to cast a long gaze at the twisted wreckage of the one who has delayed the commute.

Do you have your radio on to the traffic report?  Maybe you are radio silent, only to express your outrage at being delayed. Are you tuned in to what is going on in the world around you?  There is a delay coming for those that don’t or can’t hear.  Hear what you are clearly being warned of.  Listen to the report and take action.

This traffic report brought to you by…..

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