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Hello Again

It has been some time since I have been able to update this little blog of mine.  Maybe I need to go back to the Photo of the Day, so that I can have a post-per-day.  Anyway, you can follow me through several social networks including:

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Thanks for checking in on my blog.  You never know when the writing bug will hit again.




What Matters Now e-book

What Matters Now

click this link above to open the pdf. e-book


Laundry… never finished.  Though I have cycled all of it through, washing, drying, folding and distributing, tonight will reveal another room full of clothes.  I didn’t learn how to do laundry until I was dropped off at college.  Mom gave me a list on what things to group together, temps to wash at, and a roll of quarters.  Prior to that day, I only dealt with laundry by looking for quarters, in the washer.  You could make a very small fortune by looking for that spare change left in the pockets of those balled up flat men.  Those were the days.  Now I chip in here-and-there to get it through the system.  I can cycle it pretty quickly.  Folding is okay.  Putting away is dreadful.  I still look for the spare quarter, dollar or 5.  Most of the time it is my money that I am reclaiming or losing.  There hasn’t been too many hazards from my doing the laundry.  Have turned a couple of loads pink with a stray red item.  Had gum from a child pocket decide to hitch a ride on anything tumbling by in the dryer.  Then there’s the occasional item that seems to get smaller.  If it is Sharla’s and there is a question – hang it up.  Only once has the water spilled out of the washer to seep through the floor and into a smoke detector on the level below.  Thought for sure that someone one was breaking in as this was late at night.  There it is, a look into my laundry day.  Time to put it away.

Lord of the Rings

So, Sharla is home from a scrapbook class one night.  She lays her jewelry on the ironing board as we talk over the day.  The next day, her ring is missing.  We looked around the ironing board, under the bed and on the floor.  The wedding ring, gone.  I, known as the sweeper can find anything and  remember not to leave anything at restaurants and hotels.  So I clear the bed, run the sweeper, look under the bed, shake clothes, but nothing to show for my efforts.  Sharla, wanting to show her love and commitment for me, buys a filler ring until a holiday comes so that I can surprise her with a new ring.  Until today, that seemed the answer.  Not sure of the time, I awoke in the middle of the night.  I found myself laying on my stomach (sorry KDB) with my hand stretched in front of me and under a regular-sized pillow dressed with a sham to match our bedding.  IN MY HAND was what felt like a ring.  Trying to focus, it was clear that it was the missing ring.  I reached over in the dark and felt for Sharla’s hand and slid the ring back to where it belonged.  I WOKE UP WITH IT IN MY HAND!  The Lord of the Ring had taken care of it.

wicked whistling loop

In a hurry getting ready this morning when I thought I would announce a traveling act.  A literal symphony of sound.  How it formed?  The kids.  Not long ago I put the connection together between Pushing Daisies(tv program)  and Wicked (the broadway musical), Kristen Chenoweth.  So I let Savannah listen to some of the music from Wicked.  Savannah is always singing something.  Used to be High School Musical, of which the boys highly appreciated.  Savannah hooked on to the song "Popular."  She now sings all of the parts – continuously.  Layton on the other hand has been whistling for the last 2-3 years continuously.  You can always locate him.  This isn't the lips together whistle but the through the teeth kind of hidden to the onlooker kind of whistle.  Reminds me of the line in Madagascar 2 "I'm such a good whistler."  He doesn't say or think that but it just reminds me.  Then there is Skyler. Skyler seems to be the loop guy.  Make any noise, sound or sample and off he goes.  Over and over the loop of that sound goes.  Most of the time he doesn't even realize it.  This morning it came to me.  Put them all 3 together and we have the next "America has Talent" with the Wicked Whistling Loop.  See ya


Thinking about changing to wordpress.  Although I could probably upgrade and be able to do more on typepad than I have thus far.  This is a more or less check to see if and how much of this post sends to fb. Peace

Check In

It has been awhile.  I have had things to write but no time to sit and make it happen.  Could go with the golf cart word picture, the sting ray, or a few other tidbits.  Let’s go with Sting Ray.  Move to next post.


Back home from DC and another long train ride. We didn’t break down but they ran out of food just after we boarded and started on our 19 hour journey home. One of my favorite stops in DC? Ebenezers Coffee House. I had heard of the place from my online researching of different churches. National Community Church, pastored by Mark Batterson, runs this top notch establishment and I determined that we would make it one of our places to visit. We had walked all over the National Mall during the week in DC and on the day that we decided to find Ebenezers was no different. Of course one of the kids needed to use the restroom but we were close to coffee and we determined to not stop at Union Station which was 2 blocks in front of us. I had left the exact location in our hotel room and was looking for visual clues. I knew that it was up a diagonal street and about 2 blocks from Union Station. The light turned red in front us as we headed to Union Station so we turned right. I rationalized that it should be 2 blocks that way and then turn left for 2. Nope, luckily found a dog walking a guy and he directed us in the correct direction. We made it to the restroom, had great coffee, looked around and then headed to the Metro. While there I also bought the book written by Mark Batterson entitled “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day”



The string


Dead from a Paper Cut

Thought I would keep you abreast of my health. The weight loss settled in after 20 pounds. After our Daniels Fast, I leveled off and haven’t jumped back in to dropping my last 10.

Came home the other night and began looking at the yard. Here in Florida, we are doing the cool and warm temps. Thought I would go ahead a trim the palms. Still fully dressed in jeans and a button down shirt, I grabbed the extension pole, hedge trimmers and hand saw. First was the trimming of the tall Queen palm on steroids. After extending the pole and taking out 6 fronds, I was drenched with the arm muscles flinching from the workout. I thought of taking a dinner break but the robelini (sp) caught my attention. Now 40 minutes after Sharla and Savannah left, I called the boys to go in and shower. I was nearly finished when a small palm was calling me to free it from a single piece of string around it’s trunk. You know how a bad pair of scissors can wreak havoc on paper and not even make a cut? I was determined not to let this single strand of string negate my green thumb and ability to revive the cast away plant. Still holding the saw, I opened the hedge trimmers to their full extent, placed one blace beneath the piece of string while lifting it off of the tree surface. Now to eradicate this stray string, I put the full force of this simple machine into action with a cut that would be precise. Now, on hedge trimmers there is a small piece of metal that prevents the handles from crossing or banging into each other thereby smashing your fingers. Too bad I had a thumb at the point where this metal was going to make contact. A jolt of pain and a thumb covered in blood now diverted my attention away from the tree. I set the tools in the garage and pulled the door down with the good hand. 2 small neighborhood kids crossed in front of me. Wanting to show my battle scars, I held my thumb down to where anyone with eyes would notice the blood pooled atop my left thumb nail. They didn’t even notice. I put the other garage door down as I stepped into the house. The boys were upstairs getting ready to shower, so I lean over the kitchen sink and get a paper towel to put pressure on my wound. The pain is great but manageable, my thumb is throbbing and blood is making its way into the veins of the paper towel. Layton now comes down for some important question to which I divert to the story of my injury. This will be the first look. The round metal blocker has pushed a semi circular gash into my thumb centered by the edge of the back portion of my nail. My nail has been cut at the back portion and makes a quarter inch moon shaped sliver and an equal portion in through the skin going the opposite side. Of couse, Layton is impressed and off he goes back upstairs. At this point I am still drenched in sweat, hungry, thumb throbbing and deciding whether or not water on the slice will be worth the sting. It’s at this point that I begin to feel the familiar sensation of tunnel vision. “What’s going on?” The pain is okay, the blood has stopped. There is no reason for tunnel vision. But I know that once this starts, it is easy for it to progress. I stand up and begin trying to breathe through it. Not working. Time to get low. If I go down, I want to be close to the place where I am going. Do I call the boys? Do I call an ambulance? I call GOD….”God this is stupid…there is no reason for all of this to happen” I sit on the couch in the middle of a bunch of pillows. I’m not going down and out. I stretch my arms out, one with a paper towel still on the bloody thumb, prop my feet up, lay back, breathe and continue to tell God that this is really gonna be stupid if I die this way. I can see it now, the boys come down and see my sleeping. Sharla and Savannah get home and see my lying there on the couch in a reclining cross position with a bloody paper towel on my thumb and dead. What a lasting story that would make. “What did your dad die of?” A PAPER CUT more or less. I finally got settled and got up to have my first Pepsi in a long time. What better excuse to start drinking….sugar. I got out of the wet clothes, ate my food and bandaged the thumb. I have managed to fix the skin pretty quickly and am working on restoring the nail. Oh, and the string is still around the tree.

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