Here is a little synopsis of my life thus far:

I was born at an early age in Illinois.  My first home being inColumbia and  Marion, Illinois, I don’t recall too much from that era.

It was on to Granite City, Illinois.  I went to preschool

Next Stop, Farmer City, Illinois where my dad pastored the Church of God.  Kindergarten at Franklin Elementary.

We now moved up north to Loves Park, Illinois, just outside of Rockford and Chicago.  I attended 1st, 2nd and part of 3rd grade at Rock Cut Elementary.  We lived on the other side of a rock quarry in a church parsonage.

Part of 3rd and part of 4th grade, we were back in Granite City where I went to Niedringhaus.  I walked to school from our house on Madison Ave.  I started my saxophone blowing years in 4th grade.

The rest of 4th grade and 5th grade were at Penniman Elementary in Cahokia, Illinois.

6th grade I lived in the same house but with desegregation, we were bused out of town to Lalumier.

7th – 11th we lived in Maryland Heights, Missouri (St. Louis) where I went to Pattonville Heights Jr. High and Pattonville High School.  Here is where I had the best years.

11th and 12th grade we lived in McLeansboro, Illinois.  I graduated in 1983.

During my first year or so at Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee, my family remained in McLeansboro.  They later moved to St. Charles/St. Peters, Missouri.

Summers during my college years I worked at various jobs.  2 summers, I worked on the railroad laying track, spiking rail, making the water.  I worked with a crew who renovated a LaQuinta Hotel, I worked at a Christian bookstore, I worked at a Car Wash.

I graduated from Lee College in 1987.

While trying to gain experience in the medical field (paramedic training) so I could go to P.A. school, I taught high school classes at Gateway Christian in downtown St. Louis.

February 1988 I moved to Tampa, Florida.  I taught high school at Riverhills Christian School.

I worked various jobs to make it on my own.  Coach, Bus driver, Athletic Director, Jeans West clothing, Smith-Kline Lab courier.

Started Take 2 Video Productions

I got married  to the lovely Sharla Ballard on July 21, 1990

Had twin boys, Layton and Skyler in 1994

Had 1 girl, Savannah in 1997

I was the youth pastor and then media director at Riverhills Church of God.  In 2001, I left.

I worked for my father-in-law for what was supposed to be a few months. This job was painting and sandblasting fuel storage tanks.  I drove the truck carrying sand and supplies while towing a large compressor or generator to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, and Georgia and S.C.   A couple of years later, I went back to teaching.

I taught 6th grade at Randall Middle in Fish Hawk area.  I was then sent to a brand new school where I taught 6th and 8th grade science at Mulrennan Middle School in Valrico.

November 2004, I began working at Without Walls Central church.  I take care of video, web, graphic, product distribution, bookstore as my main emphasis.

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  1. Savannah Said:

    by the way, that girl was ME!!!!

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