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Pit Licking

It’s a good thing that today I had a Starbucks. Sharla and I have always shared deodorant. The guys stuff just ends of smelling worse than if you had body odor. Over the years, we have had a couple of different scents. Some scents, I suggest that we not use and we go back to the regular. The last round we had a coconut-sun tan lotion smelling stick. I liked it pretty well. The one we have now makes me want to lick the pits -Vanilla Chai. If it hadn’t been for the trip to the Starbucks for a iced-tall-decaf-nonfat-sugarfree carmel latte (quite different than the iced venti carmel latte of old,) I would have had to give the deodorant and try. What’s next? Probably something to hit me in the former Cold Stone ice cream flavor – Coffee Lovers.

2nd Knight

Another thought on the Knight with his shiny or dinged up armour.
I once was a part of a marathon relay when in college. I the runner, ran at various points on the relay to accumulate a total that seems to grow as I tell the story. It was somewhere between 30-40 of the 125 miles. It may have been more that I logged but would have to look back to past document. Anyway – after finishing the run, the running shorts that I wore had rubbed my legs so much that it tore through the skin. It was some time before I could walk unlike a person who had ridden a horse for some time.
Now our knight –
I would think that a knight would wear his armour before going to battle. It would be a terrible time trying to do battle while walking like a cowboy. The chafing could prevent him from doing battle undistracted.
Do battle with the enemy.
Before battle, try the armour on, wear it, get use to it, spar with someone, take some hits – You’ll be better off when the real battle looks you in the eye.